Eurofins Ingenasa (Spain)

Ingenasa is a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic test kits with a broad range of applications in Veterinary Diagnostics and Food Safety. Over the last 30 years, Ingenasa has put a very strong focus on research and innovation and today provides its customers with a wide range of ELISA and PCR assays to detect viral and bacterial pathologies in both farm and companion animals. In addition, Ingenasa further completes the offering of Eurofins Technologies in allergen detection.

Fields of expertise are:

· Veterinary diagnostics with the broadest catalogue in the market for diagnostic assays in veterinary medicine, with tools that help with both the health management of farms and the eradication of several diseases.

· Food safety: allergen detection with the ELISA-based Gluten detection method using the world renowned antibody R5, along with a range of Lateral Flow Devices and ELISA assays for the detection of Casein, Beta-Lactoglobulin and Ovoalbumin.

· Human diagnosis: development of a series of high interest reagents.


We are a biotechnology company, we provide solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, both in veterinary and human diagnosis, food safety and plant health


INGENASA wants to be recognized as a reference in the biotechnology sector worldwide, highlighting the quality of its service and the technical solutions provided. Likewise, the main goal is to consolidate the company in the market through sustained growth. Therefore, we consider very important the participation in consolidated associations on the sector which help us to complete our external image thanks to the offer of client training or conference attendance.

In the internal scope of the company, we try to have a team of people motivated and committed to the project.


We are a committed and accessible organization, our main vocation is to offer a professional service of quality and an excellent treatment to our clients as a response to the confidence that they place day to day in us.


Bio-X Diagnostics (Belgium)


Bio-X Diagnostics is active in the field of diagnostics of diseases of production animals (cattle, pigs, horses, small ruminants, fishes).

The society was created in 1990 and was acquired in 2003 by Dr. Annita Ginter. Bio-X Diagnostics is developing, manufacturing and selling original products including combined diagnostic kits (digestive kits, respiratory kits, abortion kits and enterotoxemia kits). These kits based on ELISA tech contain all necessary chemical and biological reagents as well as a user manual. These kits target mainly vet laboratories to test samples sent by field vets. Additionally, Bio-X Diagnostics is developing, manufacturing and selling reagents for immunofluorescence as well as lateral flow immunochromatography devices. Those allow a precise diagnosis in only a few minutes without the need for any sophisticated lab equipment.


In december 2016, Bio-X Diagnostics acquired the french company ADIAGENE, created in 1998, also focused on vet diagnostics. ADIAGENE is developing and manufacturing PCR vet diagnostics solutions. ADIAGENE's activities therefore fit in perfectly with those of Bio-X Diagnostics.

In June 2020, « Bio-X Diagnostics group » is integrated to the franch group FINALAB. Dr. Philippe Hivorel takes over the post of CEO as planned for many years

In 2021, the « Bio-X Diagnostics group » employs 40 people (in Belgium and France), including academics and laboratory technicians. Its administrative headquarters are located in Rochefort, Belgium.



VMRD was founded in 1981 by D. Scott Adams, DVM, PhD, and currently employs over 50 researchers, lab technicians and support personnel. From its site in Pullman, Washington VMRD develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic test kits and related reagents for distribution in more than 77 countries.

As a rapidly growing company, VMRD strives to preserve its family focused culture and core values of integrity and quality. VMRD’s services division, performs specialized testing of raw materials, cells and seeds for the presence of adventitious agents to satisfy various regulatory requirements and quality assurance needs for the global serum, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.

The VMRD portfolio is the most comprehensive in veterinary diagnostics and has a wide range of products that include USDA-licensed ELISA kits, FA reagents, antibodies, and Coombs testing reagents. Our IFA reagents support confirmatory testing and are designed to work together as a complete system with minimal cross reaction. Our USDA-licensed ELISA kits are designed for the highest accuracy and meet international standards suitable for international trade of animals. We continue to develop new diagnostic products and expand our portfolio with solutions that meet the needs of our customers.