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Good news! I Qingdao RealVet successfully passed GMP acceptance inspection of veterinary diagnostic products production line

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In April to May, 2021, a group of three experts from China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control, appointed by Qingdao Agricultural and Rural Bureau, conducted the GMP static and dynamic acceptance inspection of our new production lines of veterinary diagnostic products: immunological diagnostic products production line (Class B) and molecular biology diagnostic products production line (Class B) , respectively.

喜讯 I 青岛瑞尔唯特顺利通过兽医诊断品生产线 GMP动静态验收    喜讯 I 青岛瑞尔唯特顺利通过兽医诊断品生产线 GMP动静态验收

After comprehensive inspection and strict examination by the expert group, our company finally passed the GMP dynamic on-site acceptance inspection with sound quality management system, advanced production equipment and process flow, etc.


Our company will take this acceptance inspection as a new starting point, strictly implement GMP standards for veterinary medicine, actively develop new products and new technologies, enhance the soft strength of the enterprise, strive to be the industry benchmark, and escort for China's animal husbandry industry.

喜讯 I 青岛瑞尔唯特顺利通过兽医诊断品生产线 GMP动静态验收喜讯 I 青岛瑞尔唯特顺利通过兽医诊断品生产线 GMP动静态验收


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